The first journey by (or with!) a bicycle across Iceland's Sprengisandur interior
In 1933 Horace Dall made an extraordinary crossing of this uninhabited wilderness alone and unaided except for assistance by boat across the mighty Tungnna River new the start.
His photos with his had written notes on their backs tell the story… A few photos taken the previous year follow. See Across Unknown Iceland for an abbreviated version with the context for this journey. For my account of a similar journey but on what us today a well established track read Call of the Wild.
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Ian Hibell - legendary explorer
Ian was a complete inspiration to me - with a driving will behind him to go by bike where no one else had done so before.

Sadly, he was killed by a hit and run driver in Greece in 2008, but I was very lucky to
interview him for Cycling Plus magazine in 1998.

The first wheeled vehicle crossing of the
Darién Gap (a roadless swamp in Panama) is claimed by Colonel John Blashford Snell. Ian, and his three companions, met John coming the other way. Like Ian, his expedition travelled the full way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, but the honour for the first through the Gap should go to Ian (who also claims the true direct route). Ian's was also the first trans Americas by bike.